In the aftermath of our DEFAULT loss applied by LVP on the semi-final match of the closed qualifier to access the next Superliga Orange CSGO, OFFSET Esports informs the following regarding the protection of the truth and our players’ professionalism:

1. Due to the scheduled media day of ESL CS:GO Masters, our team travelled to Madrid in the dawn of the 29th May, completely fulfilling these appointments before 3:30 PM, followed by a quick lunch and travel to the designated place where we would play the match.

2. Our players arrived to Elite Gaming Center Atocha by 5:00PM, the arranged spot from where we would play the semi-final of the closed qualifier for Superliga Orange CS:GO.

3. Important to notice that the chosen place would presumably reunite the necessary conditions in order for our team to play such a relevant qualifier.

4. After arriving to the Gaming Center, our entourage was forwarded to a private room where we found faulty equipment in all ways, software, damaged monitor, insufficient USB ports to connect our peripherals, lack of operational internet where we had more than 150ms ping, between other problems.

5. Our players did everything in their power to try and quell these problems; even predisposed themselves to play with the Elite Gaming Center Atocha peripherals that were also faulty and not working as intended.

6. According to the Teamspeak logs, OFFSET Esports’ manager established contact with LVP’s referee at 5:35PM and explained the technical problems that our players were experiencing at the LAN House in Madrid.

7. OFFSET Esports’ players entered the competition Teamspeak at these hours:

5:44PM – Zlynx

5:50PM – Obj

5:50PM – Just

5:54PM – Stadodo

5:56PM – PR

8. The exact time when EXILE Players logged into the Teamspeak server were the following:

5:58PM – Blastinho

5:58PM – Aeros

5:58PM – OMG

5:58PM – Driftking

5:58PM – Recki

9. Another important fact to notice is that LVP’s Referee only provided the Server IP at 18:05:55 CET, practically 6 minutes beyond the scheduled hour for the match.

10. Due to all the problems that were being experienced, our players were only able to enter the match server already during the 15 minute tolerance period, being that Renato “stadodo” Gonçalves was still plagued with some issues – when he finally had established connection to the game server (could be verified through the console) we heard a countdown in the Teamspeak started by the Referee, followed by a “Guys you’re disqualified ”, abandoning right away the Teamspeak server. Our first player (JUST) disconnected at 6:17PM with the following members doing the same until 6:20PM.

11. We would also like to state that going to Madrid for the ESL Masters Media Day and partaking on the Major Qualifier (28-29th May) are important appointments for any professional organization. Due to those, our OFFSET Esports manager sent an email to Aitor Crugeira from LVP on the 27th May at 3:13PM with the following terms:

Hi! My name is Diogo Correia and I’m OFFSET CSGO Team Manager. Regarding the first match, tomorrow (28th) there’s a minor qualifier starting and continues to 29th. Can’t the matches be postponed to other date? It doesn’t make any sense to overlap with minor qualifiers…

His reply came right away – 3:18PM –27th May

Hello Diogo, The match cannot be postponed because we have a fixed scheduled stream, and we cannot change the days. So its up to the teams to chose between today or tomorrow to play the quarterfinals.

With everything that we have exposed here, we consider that the game could have been played out and the only reason it hasn’t was due to LVP’s intolerance. Our DEFAULT was applied at 6:17PM.

LVP had nothing to do with the problems that we have encountered in the LAN House but we were due to a more dignified treatment by them. Being in a foreign country, away from all kinds of logistic support and we still did everything to honour our commitments, with sacrifices and expenses associated.

OFFSET Esports reached the semi-finals of the qualifier due to their own worth, defeating in their way 6 other Iberian teams.

In spite of losing outside of the server, our players were respectable and professional.

We also take the opportunity to disassociate from all kinds of xenophobic remarks that were being exchanged between the Portuguese and Spanish communities, regretting that people from LVP with responsibilities also entered these exchanges and answered to provocations on social media, which we consider innapropriate behavior for their positions.

OFFSET Esports fight daily to dignify Esports and will continue strong and settled in the fulfilment of its objectives.


The Management